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From: George Murphy (
Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 13:26:13 EDT

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    Howard J. Van Till wrote:
    > >From: George Murphy <>
    > > Are the passages to which I referred - & much else in the NT with a strongly
    > > christocentric emphasis - the exclusive property of Lutherans?
    > Of course not. But I am inclined to award you the prize for advancing that
    > theological emphasis at every opportunity.

            I won't turn down the prize but perhaps you should consider awarding it to
    Torrance or Teilhard, both of whom are/were non-Lutherans & both of whom (though in
    radically different ways) give a strong christological emphasis to their understanding
    of creation.
            Of course I realize that different people will do theology differently, & not
    everyone will place the same emphasis on christology that I do. What I find strange is
    that people on this list generally put no emphasis at all on Christ when they're talking
    about science-theology matters. This is not just the case with your process emphasis
    but with those who have much more traditional theological approaches & who, dealing with
    other matters, would place Christ in the center. But when it comes to creation, he
    > With Ted, I do not ask you to abandon that commitment. My point is to note
    > that it was your especially strong commitment to it that led you to
    > disparage other theological approaches in the rather harsh language of
    > "lame" "very little value" "defect" and the like.
            I make no apology for (a) thinking that not all theological approaches are of
    equal value & (b) that those which are not normed by scripture have little value (I
    do not say "no value") for helping to understand Christian faith.


    George L. Murphy

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