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From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 12:58:27 EDT

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    Jan's message today reminded me that I had not responded to Glenn's

    >From: "Glenn Morton" <>

    > Does this mean you believe in the many worlds hypothesis?

    The words "believe in" are too strong, but yes, I think that a hypothesis of
    "many worlds" is worthy of serious consideration. For me, however, it is
    more of a theological hypothesis than a scientific one. That being the case,
    I have no stake in any particular mathematical/scientific approach to
    modeling the comprehensive system of "worlds."

    > My logic is thus.
    > Our part of the univese has not always existed--the big bang.

    Yes, the duration of time within our universe is finite. How that might be
    related to other kinds or epochs of time in other universes is beyond me.

    > That could be
    > caused either by God or by physical processes like symmetry breaking in
    > Higgs fields. But that symmetry breaking requires that this process still
    > be going on, thus creating universe after universe. so, do you believe in
    > MWH?

    Yes, within the limitations of what I said above. Now, Glenn, my hunch is
    that this will stimulate a follow-up question from you, right?

    Howard Van Till

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