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Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 12:04:06 EDT

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    In reply to Glenn's posting below:

    Personally, I think, that we cannot think outside the universe we are
    in. Time stops when we die, and we do not know if there will be "time"
    when we are resurrected. Time started with the Big Bang. It is created by
    God. Trying to figure out what was before the Big Bang, or what will
    happen after our resurrection is a useless business. Let's just stay on
    the present earth. What we will be we do not know, but we are in God's hand.


    >Hi Howard,
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    > >> The point is that we are forced to attribute eternal existence to
    > >> something--God or the universe are the leading candidates.
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    > >As it stands, this looks lie an either/or choice. I'm more inclined toward
    > >the both/and option -- there has always been God and A World, whose
    > >being/existence is a Sacred Mystery that should inspire unceasing awe and
    > >reverence within us.
    >Does this mean you believe in the many worlds hypothesis? My logic is thus.
    >Our part of the univese has not always existed--the big bang. That could be
    >caused either by God or by physical processes like symmetry breaking in
    >Higgs fields. But that symmetry breaking requires that this process still
    >be going on, thus creating universe after universe. so, so you believe in

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