Re: lame creation concepts

From: Steve Petermann (
Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 11:53:12 EDT

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    George wrote:
    > There's a big difference between kenosis, which is the idea that God
    > God's own self, and the process concept that God is inherently limited.


    > With kenosis,
    > one says /inter alia/ that the existence of suffering &c in the world is
    due to God's
    > decision to create a world which has its own integrity and relative
    autonomy -
    > Polkinghorne's "free process defence" - & that God pays the price for this
    by sharing in
    > the suffering of the world, preeminently in the Incarnation.

    Seems to me, this notion of relative autonomy drives too much of a wedge
    between God and creation. The whole idea of free will is incredibly
    difficult to accommodate with our current scientific understanding. The
    only tact is to create a mind/body dualism that is not science friendly at
    all. Standard theisms and process thought do this. Seems to me that human
    freedom can only be a reasonable concept when it is framed within some sort
    of monism or mystical union with God(who is free).

    Steve Petermann

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