Re: lame creation concepts

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 10:29:01 EDT

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    >From: George Murphy <>

    > Process theologians often say that one has to speak of
    > God and the world together (as in Cobb's _God and the World_). In an
    > important sense it
    > is the God + World combination that corresponds to "God" in traditional
    > But traditional theologies have their own problems. I find it strange &
    > somewhat disheartening that on this list people think that they can discuss
    > "God" &
    > "creation" in some detail without ever referring to the one who by & for
    > whom, according
    > to the NT (Jn.1:3, I Cor.8:6, Col.1:16-17, Heb.1:2), all things have been
    > created. To
    > put it bluntly, most of the discussions of creation here - from the
    > standpoints of both
    > process thought & more traditional theism - are of very little value
    > because of this defect.

    "...very little value..." ... "defect..."

    Those strong judgments apply ONLY IF one begins with a total commitment to
    the Lutheran Christocentric theological system (and a supportive
    hermeneutical stance) that you have so often advocated on this list.

    Perhaps we are finding "value" primarily in those things (texts, arguments,
    metaphysical propositions...) that support our theological commitments and
    "defects" in those things that do not.

    Howard Van Till

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