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Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 10:04:19 EDT

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    Steve Petermann wrote:
    > Ted,
    > > Or something like that. His picture of the Demiurgos is, IMO, a precursor
    > > of the modern process God, who can't exert absolute power of nature
    > > either--that is, IMO the process God can't determine the nature of nature.
    > > Rather the nature of nature is a given, the God must simply do his best
    > with
    > > what he's got. This is why I think of process theology as Platonistic,
    > > though one can also see it as deeply Aristotelian also (an eternal
    > universe
    > > eternally in the process of becoming).
    > I think you're exactly right on the parallels. What has always bothered me
    > about process theology is its use of the term "God". Unlike Plato, process
    > thought doesn't seem to understand that the term "God" springs from the
    > notion of ultimacy. Plato certainly recognized it by having God be
    > transcendent even if his idea of perfection might cause problems. When
    > process theology leaves out a transcendent ultimate it, in effect, makes
    > their god a Demiurgos. Since in their view God is constrained by something,
    > then logically whatever constrains God is really God...........................

            This is a good point. Process theologians often say that one has to speak of
    God and the world together (as in Cobb's _God and the World_). In an important sense it
    is the God + World combination that corresponds to "God" in traditional theologies.

            But traditional theologies have their own problems. I find it strange &
    somewhat disheartening that on this list people think that they can discuss "God" &
    "creation" in some detail without ever referring to the one who by & for whom, according
    to the NT (Jn.1:3, I Cor.8:6, Col.1:16-17, Heb.1:2), all things have been created. To
    put it bluntly, most of the discussions of creation here - from the standpoints of both
    process thought & more traditional theism - are of very little value because of this


    George L. Murphy

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