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From: Don Winterstein (
Date: Wed Sep 03 2003 - 04:57:26 EDT

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    Josh Bembenek wrote in part:

    "What makes us think that the origin of space time and the
    derivation of matter, energy and all of the universe is simply a gap in our
    understanding that some future naturalistic discovery won't elegantly
    explain, again making the "God Hypothesis" obsolete? "

    This is the thought that strikes terror in the hearts of believers: Science has been very successful; maybe one day it will achieve ultimate success--a naturalistic explanation for everything; and God will have become irrelevant. This terror, I'm sure, motivates the efforts of many an IDer and much of the antipathy towards science on the part of certain other Christians. Most of my atheist friends assume that the success of the scientific method already makes God irrelevant; so I've been close enough to the terror to feel its hot breath.

    It follows that, if it's not necessary for God to act, maybe he's never acted, and all testimonies to his action (e.g., Bible) are fiction.

    Iain says the atheists will never be able to say WHY. --True, but not satisfying.

    Others disparage Christian faith that makes much of the element of personal knowledge of God.

    For me it is precisely personal knowledge of God that trumps all scientific, philosophical or theological dogma and speculation. At first I came to know God through the Bible. Now I believe the Bible--to the extent that I do--because of personal knowledge of God that trumps the rational criticisms.

    Many are content with the common and the ordinary

    Others push for extremes

    These latter want to explore the outer limits

    Of what is humanly possible

    To face boldly the chasm of the unknown

    And come away with deep knowledge of themselves


    Of these

    Some orbit Earth in space modules

    Some climb mountains that challenge their existence

    Some gaze at billion-year-old light from quasars and galaxies

    Some dope their bodies with psychedelics

    Some worship demons in sex orgies

    All these flirt with outer limits of human experience


    But I will tell you a thing beyond them all

    Go alone to a secret desert place

    There bare your soul to God

    Let him engulf you there

    In that you will know the beginning and the end

    And you will discover who you are

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