Re: My daughter is a YEC

From: Freeman, Louise Margaret (
Date: Mon Sep 01 2003 - 12:47:55 EDT

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    > Science is fine for telling us the present. However, it cannot validly
    > extrapolate to the past and ignore God's Word. God created the Universe
    > for man.
    > It says so in the Bible. If He he did so, why waste 15 billion years
    > when it is
    > just as easy for Him to bring it into existence in 6 days as the Bible
    > proclaims?

    Why waste 6 days when it is just as easy for Him to bring it into
    existance in 0.00000000000000000000001 nanoseconds or less?

    >That does not dispute what science sees in an "apparent"
    > history.

    If "apparent" is defined as "what is observed and supported by empirical
    data" (as opposed to "what is revealed by the Bible"),it sounds like a
    fairly good synonym for methodological naturalism. So what's so
    controversial about teaching this "apparent" old earth, along
    with "apparent" abiogenesis, "apparent" speciation and "apparent" natural
    selection, in science classes?

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