Re: methodological naturalism - origin of the term?

From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Mon Sep 01 2003 - 11:53:09 EDT

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    >>Indeed, the mark of an evangelical in many quarters is belief in a
    totally inerrant Bible. This was a major part of the hassle in Missouri
    Synod some time back, for example. Not all are YEC. Some give a
    concordist interpretation to Genesis 1f to produce OEC. But they are
    probably not the kind of evangelical you commonly meet in United
    Methodist and Presbyterian Church USA.>.

    Davis, in his book "The Debate About the Bible" (see my notes on it at
    claims the "evangelical" label for himself although he rejects inerrancy.
    When I was Southern baptist (1976-1987) I know we claimed the term,
    although generally agreeing with Davis. Not "YEC" of course, although
    that position was not rejected among us.

    I suppose I have always included a lot of folks under that label that
    might well not claim it.

    Am I one? I think so. But how the label gets used by others is clearly a
    factor in that claim.


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