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Date: Mon Sep 01 2003 - 12:04:18 EDT

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    Offline, one LISTSERV member wrote me a long note expressing pleasure
    with my recent post (email to Pinnock). The member concluded by saying:

    >>I get more disgusted with ID & ID rhetoric every time I look at it. I
    would never buy a used car from any of the movement's leadership.>>

    I responded:

    When Thaxton's THE MYSTERY OF LIFE'S ORIGIN" appeared, I was

    When Johnson's first book appeared, I was still enthusiastic. But perhaps
    less so.

    When I went to the NTSE in early 1997, I began to understand the issues

    I bought Johnson' s latest book, THE RIGHT QUESTIONS, early this year.

    I will probably discontinue buying ID books altogether.


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