Utilitarian views of religion was Re: Prosperity

From: Dr. Blake Nelson (bnelson301@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jun 30 2003 - 20:38:44 EDT

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    --- RFaussette@aol.com wrote:
    > In a message dated 6/30/03 11:29:04 AM Eastern
    > Daylight Time, jan@dekoning.ca
    > writes:
    > Therefore, wealth in and of itself is fine as long
    > as it is utilized
    > appropriately.

    Hmm, seems to me OT and NT discussions of wealth have
    as much, or more to do with reliance on wealth to
    think that we provide what we need rather than God...
    therefore wealth is an idolatry and pride issue rather
    than maximization of utility -- although proper use of
    wealth is to meet the needs of others.

    > The prime function of religions around the world is
    > management of resources
    > and redistribution.

    Perhaps I don't understand your apparently utilitarian
    emphasis here. Are you suggesting that talk in
    religions about reconciling God and humans and humans
    with one another is just a happy byproduct of the
    "primacy" of resource management and redistribution?

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