Re: mystical traditions and the impersonal models of God

Date: Mon Jun 30 2003 - 18:30:22 EDT

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    > Rich,
    > I criticized what I had evidence for. A guess is just a guess, not proof and
    > hardly evidence. That is what I noted. On the Greek, I stand on solid ground
    > without need to claim that the term has usually been misinterpreted. Indeed,
    > the claim that "(almost) everyone has been mistaken but me" is a strong
    > indication that the person is pushing falsehood.
    > As for your other quotations, I am not a scholastic genuflecting to their
    > authority. Even the medievals' approach usually was something like: Somebody
    > said this, but So-and-so said that, but I say ..." You are taken with these
    > persons, at least when they support your view. That is your prerogative. I do
    > not consider them worthy of a point by point refutation.
    > Dave

    You criticized what you had evidence for and you had evidence for one fact
    out of what... 8? Not withstanding the fact that these were not facts of raw
    data but a comparative exercise clearly showing that the abandonment of ego,
    the self sacrifice is spoken of widely and is definitely a thread running
    through all the major religions. You objected to a translation in one of the quotes.
    I have John White's essay on the shelf. I'm not going to it for corroboration.

    I quoted brilliant people. simone weil passed the orals and was entered into
    the Sorbonne at 15 years of age, literally a genius. Joseph Campbell, the
    great comparative mythologist on mythology's central personal theme, the heroic
    self sacrifice, William James, author of the Varieties of Religious Experience,
     Antonio de Nicolas, an expert on the rg veda. It is not me that is not
    worthy in this company. In this company, Dave neither of us are worthy, and that's
    not my genuflecting to authority, that's a fact.

    My argument stands. :)

    rich faussette

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