Re: the tradition that Abraham engaged in astronomical studies

From: George Murphy (
Date: Mon Jun 30 2003 - 12:17:00 EDT

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    Don -
            Apropos your recent comments, I of course didn't hope to solve the problem of
    why Jews in general haven't accepted Jesus as the Messiah. I simply wanted to point out
    that Paul's statements in Rom.9, which are often cited in connection with questions
    about predestination have to be seen in the context of that problem.
            As far as the general question of election is concerned, there are, broadly, 3
    choices within the Christian tradition.
            1. God elects us in view of something we are, have, or do.
            2. Strict universalism
            3. Some are elected for salvation & some for damnation. (This includes Barth's
                    important contribution which, as I noted, seems paradoxically to point
                    back to 2.)
            4. Some are elected for salvation, & as far as the question of why
    some are condemned is concerned, "Don't go there." As I noted, this latter is the
    classic Lutheran position.
            & again I haven't tried to solve this problem here either, though my preferences
    should be apparent.


    George L. Murphy

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