Re: An Excess of Riches

Date: Mon Jun 30 2003 - 08:24:00 EDT

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    In a message dated 6/29/03 3:15:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

    > So there is MY error. The phrase "as suggested by RFaussette" is ambiguous.
    > I'm sorry.
    > Of course, this is really sloppy communication on my part and I am really
    > sorry that I let it slip from my keyboard. Could you forgive me this once? I
    > have absolutely no ill will to you or anyone on this board, and I would be very
    > saddened to see you leave this thread merely because of a simple (or not so
    > simple) misunderstanding.

    It is not a matter of forgiving you. I am not angry. I've participated in a
    few fascinating threads and cannot afford to have such misunderstandings occur.
    I do my level best to make my position absolutely clear when such ambiguities
    arise. Thanks for clearing up the "ambiguity."

    rich faussette

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