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Date: Sun Jun 29 2003 - 20:56:18 EDT

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    > We are to deny our self because it is our flesh, then we must follow God Who
    > will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory. We are simply
    > children - six year olds who throw temper tantrums for stuff that we want when
    > the stuff will make us sick, hurt us, or kill us. For example, our flesh may
    > want sex with someone to whom we are not married. God says this is wrong. By
    > having sex with this person we risk embarrassment, shame, disease, and death
    > even though we really want it and it looks good at the time. God knows what
    > will happen and how it will affect us. He knows how dangerous it will be. He
    > knows how much it will hurt us physically, emotionally, and spiritually so he
    > tells us no but we want it anyway. If we deny our flesh and follow God, He
    > will supply the right spouse, an intimate relationship with that spouse, and
    > the sexual relationship that He intended. When God intends it, it will be
    > beyond what we can ask or imagine!
    > This principle is true with lying/honesty, stealing, and everything else in our
    > lives. God is the God of abundance. He is awesome and mighty!
    > Sheila
    > Quoting Richard McGough <>:
    > > >Get the focus, get the abundance. God wants us to
    > > >be good witnesses. When people see us with what
    > > >they want, they are a lot more likely to come to
    > > >Christ.
    > >
    > > How can people come to Christ for _things_ they desire when the Gospel
    > > declares that we need to deny ourselves, our desires, and our things to
    > > come to Christ?
    > >
    > > It seems the prosperity message flatly contradicts the plain message of
    > > the Gospel. Have I missed something?
    > >
    > > Richard A. McGough
    > > Discover the sevenfold symmetric perfection of the Holy Bible at
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > Sheila McGinty

    Physical and emotional health are benefits of sexual morality, and they
    may sometimes be used to dissuade people from sexual sins, but I don't
    think they are the primary reasons for the Lord's commands in this area.
    The principles Jesus mentioned in His teaching on the subject were
    different. If we assumed that health was the issue, then what would we say
    to someone who claimed to be able to practice safe sex?

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