Re: Prosperity

Date: Sun Jun 29 2003 - 18:29:14 EDT

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    The "prosperity preachers" have always bothered me - it almost seems to ask
    God to be some sort of magician - I say the right incantations - prayers - and
    I get what I want. There is something worrisome in that idea - I cannot make
    it work with seems to be a call to serve others.

    Additionally, another question on to what extent prosperity can be connected
    with faith - how does one explain the prosperity of people who are not
    Christian - devout though they may be in their own traditions? Prosperity is
    demonstrably not limited to Christians (Michael Dell is one or our local
    gadzillionaires), which would seem to say to me that either the Good Lord has his own ideas
    about who he blesses and/or that material prosperity is not a good measure of
    the Lord's favor.

    Janet Rice

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