Re: mystical traditions and the impersonal models of God

Date: Sun Jun 29 2003 - 13:24:17 EDT

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    > Rich,
    > Two questions about the part of your message below: First, how does White
    > know what term Jesus used? He wasn't there to record it. Second, given your
    > translation of the roots of /metanoia/, why doesn't it become "unthinkable," as
    > in unthinkable crime? However, I got out my abridged Liddell and Scott and
    > found that your translation of /meta/ is not supported. I quote:

    Let's see the forest for the trees.

    I found John White's essay to be in the same vein as the quote from de
    nicolas, the quote from simone weil, the quote from campbell, the quotes from the
    NT and the quote from William James which regards the centrality of the self
    sacrifice which was why I introduced those many quotes. It is not an exercise in
    translation, nor do I presume to be a translator. You have suggested fault
    with one example out of several significant examples. Regardless, my point is
    sound and still amply supported even if the John White quote is discarded and
    that was precisely my intention, to make the point from a variety of sources
    rendering it unassailable which I believe it is. I have played the translation
    game (no one person has mastered all the languages involved in religious texts)
    arguing with scholars of religion on a number of different lists and have
    learned never to rest on any single translation but provide enough data that does
    not rest on any one translation to support my position. Now name your
    objections to the other quotes if you wish to invalidate the single point I was
    trying to make.

    rich faussette

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