A tale told by an idiot

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Date: Sun Jun 29 2003 - 08:37:31 EDT

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    George Murphy wrote in response to Richard Faussette:

    > "If any want to become my followers, let them take upo their cross and
    > follow me. For
    > those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their
    > life for my
    > sake, and for the sake of the gospel, will save it." (Mk.8:34-35 - cf.
    > Mt.16:24-25 &
    > Lk.9:23-24.)
    > "Those who love their life lose it, and those who hate their life in this
    > world will
    > keep it for eternal life." (Jn.12:25)
    > You are right that suffering is not be be sought out for its own sake.
    > "When
    > they persecute you in one town, fles to another" - the church had to condemn
    > those who
    > deliberately sought out martyrdom. But the church is under the cross till
    > the end of
    > the world, and if it becomes extremely prosperous, secure &c, it's probably
    > doing
    > something wrong.

    I can basically agree with you. However, I find that I really wrestle
    with this on a practical level. For example, in the rare instances
    where I found that I should stand up to authority, it was hard to know
    for sure whether I was doing it for the glory of God, or for myself.
    The real truth is rarely 100% crystal clear, and even when it is pretty
    clear, it is hard to know how far to the edge to go, particularly when
    it is oneself alone who must stand up to the powerful. Of course, we
    can look at history and see that some people have stood up, and they
    were right, but we can also be sure that there have been those who
    followed a pointless and sometimes foolish path. Naturally, God can
    bring down a huge army, but sometimes even when you are right, you
    can lose big time at the hands of the powerful. Such people who stood
    their ground are honored, but again fools have also stood their ground.
    How can any honest person seeing a world against them help but wonder
    if they got off the track somewhere? Moreover, suppose we can feel
    assurance that we are right somehow, even then, how can we be sure
    we are doing what God wants us to do and not looking for excuses for

    Even simpler choices like choosing to be an educator or a pastor.
    In some ways, that is inviting suffering.

    When our lives are viewed through the glasses of the historian, it is
    easy to admire the people who have held their chin up and walked
    forward for what is right. But hindsight is a great advantage not
    granted to any of us in any personal struggle. We are left to bumble
    and fall in a multitude of ways. Perhaps our struggles amount to
    something, but I think can also understand why some in exasperation
    finally conclude that life is "a tale told by an idiot, with sound and
    flurry signifying nothing."

    Anyway, I realize quite clearly that it is
    by Grace alone we proceed,

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