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Date: Sat Jun 28 2003 - 20:44:55 EDT

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    The "Believing -- receiving" part is one of the many
    theological problems with this view.

    Are you saying that those who are poor do not believe
    adequately in God?

    I don't want to get into issues about theological
    acceptability here, but just as a footnote, Norman
    Vincent Peale, for example, was more a pop-pyschology
    take on the Gospel -- the power of positive thinking,
    etc. like Robert Schuler has done more recently.
    Again, the problem that is presented by such a take is
    whether one's "success" is due to God as blessings or
    due to one's "power of positive thinking". Likewise,
    if one does not succeed does that mean that one did
    not think positively enough? I am not sure how either
    preacher addresses how one's power of positive
    thinking integrates into humbling one's self before
    God and seeking His will rather than thinking
    positively about what we want.

    --- Debbie Mann <> wrote:
    > I have heard hundreds of sermons from dozens of
    > preachers on prosperity for
    > Christians. Norman Vincent Peal, Dale Carnegie
    > (almost a preacher), Joyce
    > Meyer, Kenneth Hagin, many much smaller names have
    > volumes and volumes on
    > the more abundant life. Believing - receiving. Give
    > and it shall be given
    > unto you, pressed down, packed together and running
    > over.

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