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    It's a paradox - isn't it? If one quits dwelling on the material things one
    is after and gets one's focus on God - then God will respond with the things
    for which one no longer has a great desire. Cast your bread upon the waters.
    Give and it shall be given unto you. All seeming paradoxes.

    And others see what they want and come to look closer, and hopefully find
    the real treasure which moth and rust cannot destroy.

    So, is that bait and switch?

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    >Get the focus, get the abundance. God wants us to
    >be good witnesses. When people see us with what
    >they want, they are a lot more likely to come to

    How can people come to Christ for _things_ they desire when the Gospel
    declares that we need to deny ourselves, our desires, and our things to come
    to Christ?

    It seems the prosperity message flatly contradicts the plain message of the
    Gospel. Have I missed something?

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