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    LeHaye claims that the church has always done far better under persecution
    than under abundance. China's citizens flocked to Christ in droves under
    persecution without benefit of missionaries. God doesn't send the truly
    awful things to punish us - but people do turn to God under tribulation. And
    God isn't going to block our opportunity to reach the true prize. Our goal
    here is to learn to focus on God and what he wants for us. It isn't to be
    rich and famous.

    In my experience, the people who preach abundance continue to experience
    it - and health,and all the good things in life - as long as they keep the
    focus on God. There have been some amazing falls of evangalists who lost
    that focus.

    If we don't have it, we're going to have to experience some tough stuff. If
    we do - all these things will be added unto us. I keep using the word
    'focus' because that's what it is. It isn't being good, or doing good for
    others or anything else. Certainly that should come along. And it isn't
    anything that an outsider can be sure about, though there are obvious clues.

    Get the focus, get the abundance. God wants us to be good witnesses. When
    people see us with what they want, they are a lot more likely to come to

    I could do a scriptural thesis on the above - but it would take a lot of my
    time and yours.

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    No way! That's like saying because it is dark outside the sun is gone. The
    sun does not leave, I just cannot always see it. God gives each of us the
    gifts of health, wealth, and prosperity. His inerrant word (you can bet
    last dollar on that, too) clearly states this.


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    > >From:
    > > The Bible clearly states,
    > > however, that health, wealth, and prosperity are gifts from God.
    > So, if a person finds herself in ill-health and/or financial despair,
    > must
    > she conclude that God, in His infinite wisdom and boundless love, has
    > chosen
    > not to give her the gifts of health, wealth, and prosperity?
    > > Of course, if you don't believe in the errancy of the Bible, these
    > don't
    > > really matter.
    > Oh, but I do believe in the errancy of the Bible; you can bet your last
    > God-given dollar on that!

    Sheila McGinty

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