Re: Concordist sequence--why be a concordist?

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 15:38:00 EDT

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    >From: "Terry M. Gray" <>

    > As for [George's] comment about Enthusiasts,
    > while I agree , I wonder how, in the view that Howard seems to be
    > putting forth, one would defend this position. ... ...

    > While I doubt that the Enthusiasts' appeal to experience is
    > the same as Howard's appeal to experience, I wonder what significant
    > difference there really is.

    While I know practically nothing about "the Enthusiasts" as a particular
    historical movement, I presume this can also refer to the claim of any
    individual (or closely knit community) to have had some privileged
    experience of the Sacred (God, if you prefer).

    If so, my comment would be that all such reports would have to be submitted
    to the broader religious community and the test of time. Whether in the
    domain of science or theology, individual reports of anything stand or fall
    on the long-term fruitfulness of the report, along with such things as
    consistency with the experience of the larger community. Individual reports,
    especially when highly unusual or accompanied by claims of privileged
    status, deserve careful scrutiny.

    Howard Van Till

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