Re: Concordist sequence--why be a concordist?

From: Terry M. Gray (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 14:19:13 EDT

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    George Murphy wrote:

    > The inspiration of scripture should not be separated too
    >sharply from the
    >activity of the Spirit in the ongoing preaching and teaching of the
    >church. Bot OTOH,
    >preaching and teaching must be the proclamation and explication of
    >Christ on the basis
    >of scripture. They cannot, as Enthusiasts imagine, be done
    >independently of scripture.


    I think I agree with this (although I do want to distinguish between
    inspiration and illumination). As for the comment about Enthusiasts,
    while I agree, I wonder how, in the view that Howard seems to be
    putting forth, one would defend this position. I'm not suggesting
    that your view of scripture and the Howard is proposing is the same.
    It does seem that in the "modern" view the specialness and uniqueness
    of scripture is eliminated (other than in perhaps the unique
    historical witness it gives--albeit a highly theologized historical
    witness). While I doubt that the Enthusiasts' appeal to experience is
    the same as Howard's appeal to experience, I wonder what significant
    difference there really is.

    The typical traditional protestant/evangelical expression of the
    doctrine of scripture has not only taken a stand "against"
    theological liberalism, but "against" various forms of traditionalism
    and various forms of continuing revelation including charismatic
    prophetic gifts. I think it is a rather new development in the
    charismatic tradition and in the evangelical tradition to have
    on-going word-gifts (prophecy and tongues/interpretation) tied to a
    historical protestant/evangelical view of scripture and its
    sufficiency and authority.


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