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From: Graham E. Morbey (gmorbey@wlu.ca)
Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 08:01:23 EDT

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    From: George Murphy <gmurphy@raex.com>
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    Graham E. Morbey wrote:
    > While I think Howard's lucid statements are a help in clearing away a
    > lot of tangled brush that has accumulated through a long history of
    > theological reflection which in part has fuelled a variety of folk
    > religions, George's remarks help to keep the baby in the proverbial
    > bath. I think, however, that the distinction between special revelation
    > and general revelation may be too sharp and therefore too limiting. That
    > God could and did speak into human experience and did enter into his
    > Creation, living, breathing and speaking in Jesus, permits the believer
    > a kind of authority that reigns supreme at the foundation of all her
    > thinking and doing. There is a great cloud of witnesses to these
    > foundations and an attendant authority.

    Graham -
            Thanks for your comments. The form of your reply suggests that you may have
    wanted to send it to the list but it looks as if it may have gone only to me.
            I'm not too comfortable with the term "general revelation" because I believe
    that general experience of the world is revelatory only in light of so-called "special

    George L. Murphy

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