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Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 00:50:02 EDT

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    George Murphy wrote:
    > ...
    > b. As soon as you start getting _too_ specific you start defeating the attempt
    > to include a broad range of Christians. The previous statement of faith included the
    > following:
    > "Jesus Christ is the Son of God and through His Atonement is the one and only
    > Mediator between God and man."
    > This may seem unobjectionable but it
    > i. focuses on particular themes of christology and salvation, &
    > ii. by its insistence on "one _and only_ Mediator," which goes beyond what
    > I Tim.2:5 says, made some Roman Catholics feel that they couldn't subscribe to it.
    > Shalom,
    > George


    a) How does "one _and only_ Mediator" go beyond what I Tim.2:5 says?
    b) How does it go beyond biblical teaching in general?


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