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Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 19:54:39 EDT

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    On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 15:39:58 -0400 "bivalve"
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    > Oldest seed plants I think are now back to latest Devonian.
    > First algae goes back to mid-Precambrian; photosynthetic bacteria
    > much earlier. Thus, things that would plausibly be called plants
    > are much older than the oldest true animals. Water teeming with
    > invertebrates goes back to late Precambrian; abundant fish and
    > definite land plants both appear in the early Paleozoic.
    > Apart from the sun, moon, et al., the oldest thing mentioned each
    > day is in order with the astronomical/geological evidence. <snip>

    Looks to me as though you are doing a revision to get concord. How can
    you equate "grass, herb and fruit-tree" as Young has it, with the express
    notion of seed in the fruit, with cyanobacteria and algae? Also, you are
    totally neglecting the firmament with the waters above. The firmament
    cannot be the atmosphere and the waters above the clouds (or a canopy),
    for birds fly in front of the firmament and sun, moon and stars are fixed
    to to it. I once tried this approach, but was forced by the evidence to
    abandon it as nonsense.

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