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Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 23:21:24 EDT

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    Ah...the difficulties of creed writing and adoption! It seems to me
    that to adopt the creed without the filioque clause in light of the
    known controversy is to take a side. It seems to me that the only
    solution for the ASA is to state that it is non-committal on the
    controversy. Perhaps another reason that a detailed soteriology and
    Christology doesn't appear in our statement of faith.

    The particular link that I have included does have a link (sort of
    like a suitably placed asterisk) to a respectable essay on the
    controversy. Personally, I think it accomplishes George's suggestion.

    If the ASA office wants to give some authoritative guidance here,
    I'll be glad to follow it. The suggestion was made long ago to
    include links to the text of the creeds. Iain's comments reminded me
    and spurred me on to actually do it.


    >gordon brown wrote:
    >> I just looked at the ASA web page's link to the Nicene Creed, and it
    >> raises a question in my mind. The discussion indicates that there is more
    >> than one version. Which one is intended by our statement of faith--the one
    >> with the filioque clause or the one without it? In other words, are
    >> Eastern Orthodox thereby excluded from the ASA?
    > I'm glad you brought this up because it does highlight a
    >problem in linking to a
    >text of the creed. We were deliberately non-specific about this for
    >just the reason you
    >point out. Our intention was certainly _not_ to exclude Orthodox Christians.
    > It might be a good idea to drop the link until a proper
    >treatment of this can be
    >discussed. A suitably placed asterisk may be in order.
    > FWIW I think that the filioque is correct as a theological
    >opinion but that the
    >western church had no business unilaterally inserting it in the creed.
    > Shalom,
    > George
    >George L. Murphy

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