Theological theory evaluation (Was: The forgotten verses)

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 19:32:41 EDT

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    >From: "Iain Strachan" <>

    > Having read all these [statements of faith] , I don't necessarily think it's a
    question of what
    > your priorities are as to where you put God and Jesus with respect to the
    > authority of Scripture. Some sort of statement on the authority of
    > Scripture, even if it doesn't mean inerrancy, is almost axiomatic & it makes
    > logical sense to state your axioms first for clarity before making the main
    > point (perhaps).

    Interesting comment, which raises a question:

    How many on this list think of your set of Christian beliefs as an axiomatic
    system derived from an authoritative text?

    Here's another way to put the question, drawn from occasional discussion on
    the issue of fruitful criteria for evaluating scientific theories:

    How many on this list would identify "derivable from the designated
    authoritative text" as one of the primary evaluation criteria for the
    evaluation of theological theories?

    Howard Van Till

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