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Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 17:02:08 EDT

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    > But most people surely come to Jesus through the Bible (this may be
    > i.e. it may be a trust of other people who talk to them about the Bible,
    and who
    > likely will tell them that the Bible is reliable) - even though their
    > understanding will be very incomplete. I have heard that there are
    > particularly in the Muslim world, where some are reported to have come to
    > Christ as a result of direct revelation, in a dream or a vision or
    > But as a generality I think my statement would hold.

    Actually, I'd have probably to side with Michael on this one. As a teenager
    I'd read the bible keenly because I thought it was good for me; but the
    conviction in my heart that it was true was by spending a house-party
    weekend with others (the "Crusaders" organization), and the repeated message
    that I had to ask him into my life as a personal saviour. I didn't get the
    "personal relationship" bit from reading the Bible; I got it from seeing the
    difference it made in other peoples' lives.

    I also think the action of the Holy Spirit has a lot to do with it.

    But that's just my experience; I do know of other people who get converted
    just by reading the Bible.


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