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    > Your'r right, Jesus is the centre of our faith. Yet in a sense, belief in
    > the trustworthiness etc of the Scriptures must precede this, since it is
    > through them, primarily, that Jesus is revealed. Without the foundation of the
    > trustworthiness of the Scripture, what could we say about Christ?

    I didn't trust the scriptures either. So I looked at the other major
    religions. I began with the rg veda, went west to where it influenced zoroaster and
    the persians who conquered babylon and let the people go to rebuild the temple.
    In the other direction still originating with the rg veda but traveling east
    from the indus valley and the rg veda, I found the buddha (like Jesus, a
    learned religionist of the brahman class of his people (Hinduism is tripartite) who
    has a new teaching that obliterates the subject/object dichotomy of vedic
    tripartition (Jesus also does the same). The buddha's message travels from India
    to north china then to the south and eventually Japan where it is stripped of
    its cultural trappings and becomes zen. Some zen koans used to teach
    enlightenment are almost identical to Jesus' parables from nag hamadi texts, and the rg
    veda where it all started has a god named Agni, the bearer of the self
    sacrifice, who teaches the self sacrifice to man. The buddha does this
    intellectually. Jesus does this completely. When I found the self sacrifice all around the
    world (yes, even in suicide bombing) I knew the religious experience was a
    scientific universal and went back to the Bible beginning with genesis to see how
    it developed in Christianity.

    Jesus is the only one to make the complete self sacrifice, making his life a
    living lesson. Judaism is tripartite, like Hinduism, but tripartition is
    obliterated when priest and king are one and not separate classes. The temple is
    within you, not without you.

    The earliest religious writings we have, the rg vedic hymns, describe the
    conquerors of the indus valley as split into two classes, priests and warriors.
    This social structure is known as tripartition. Hinduism and Judaism (often
    said to be significantly influenced by zoroaster) both have the same social
    structure. Class structure was always resisted by the early Hebrews and it is
    suspected Solomon had scribes interpolate a message in genesis regarding
    melchizedek who was priest and king, which is symbolically a person from before
    tripartition, when priest and king were the same, in order to bless his establishment
    of the tripartite temple system in Jerusalem, the temple system Jesus, of the
    order of Melchizedek, both priest and king, eventually brought down (though it
    threatens to reemerge if the temple is rebuilt).

    If you look, you find the self sacrifice everywhere, in all the major
    religions. Then you look again, and no one does it like Jesus.

    Now I trust our scriptures.


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