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Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 08:31:18 EDT

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    > Your'r right, Jesus is the centre of our faith. Yet in a sense, belief in
    > the trustworthiness etc of the Scriptures must precede this, since it
    > is through them, primarily, that Jesus is revealed. Without the foundation
    > of the trustworthiness of the Scripture, what could we say about Christ?
    > /Gary

    Surely not, most stumble towards Jesus in a haphazard way (unless they have
    been to some ultra place where they will go trough a fore -ordained
    process!!!!) and when they come to faith will have a partial and confused
    knowledge of Jesus and muddle over the bible. It is not
    necessary that all grasp the Incarnation atonement and resurrection before
    becoming a Christian.

    That sums me up. I am not sure when I recognised the authority of the Bible,
    at first I hadn't a clue, then accepted it as I was told I ought and then
    later made it my own belief of conviction.

    Am I a heretic?


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