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Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 08:36:52 EDT

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    BlankJenkins says when you can take the Bible literally. He claims people
    wasted years trying to analyze the symbology of Revelations when it makes
    much more sense to take it literally.

    I believe that the converse may be true as well - when you can't, in all
    goood conscience take it literally, take it figuratively. (I do not wish to
    discount miracles. Jesus DID walk on water, do the loaves and the fishes,
    Sometimes, one won't know - try it both ways.

    To take it figuratively - do a concordance search and see if the words mean
    are used figuratively elsewhere. I would also consider common usage:

    Light - certainly
    Water- yes
    Day: A short period of time, a matter of little consequence? Life isn't too
    tough if you take it one day at a time?

    God created the heavens and the earth in one day. It wasn't a big task for
    Him. Man was the work of a day. Insignificant - yet, God made all the birds
    and fish in a single day and devoted a whole one to man. he made the sun and
    moon in a day - but a whole one for man.

    I find this extremely significant. Comments? Please? (Even if they're
    intelligently in disagreement. Just, please be kind.)

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