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Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 08:00:09 EDT

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    >From: "Iain Strachan" <>

    > In the last post I looked at the ASA "Statement of Faith". Now let's look
    > at a Creationist website's statement of faith. .........
    > (B) BASICS.
    > (C) THEOLOGY
    > (D) GENERAL
    > Pretty relevant as "Priorities are interesting things". So what's AiG's No
    > 1 priority?
    > -------Quote
    > 1. The scientific aspects of creation are important, but are secondary in
    > importance to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Sovereign,
    > Creator, Redeemer and Judge
    > ------End Quote
    > Read the whole page at
    > Admittedly the first point of section (B) Basics is about the inerrancy of
    > scripture.

    Correct. The first item under Basics is the statement about the Book.
    However, as noted by Iain, the first statement under Priorities is about
    Jesus. It seems that, from the Evangelical Christian perspective, AiG has
    its priorities straight.

    > I know there is much on the AiG statement of faith that will be quite offens
    > ive to many people on this list, (to be honest, I'd have put the Gospel much
    > further up the list, but at least it's there which is more than can be said
    > for the ASA statement) but as far as their priority is concerned, and in
    > telling people what the Gospel is, it seems to me they've got it pretty well
    > right.
    > Howard, your assertions may well be true in general, but ASA and AiG seem to
    > constitute two pretty important counter-examples, wouldn't you think?

    I would suggest that a sample size of two is a bit too small to make any
    generalizations. However, it looks to me like ASA fits the pattern that I
    suggested is common, while AiG does not. Perhaps the sample size ought to be
    enlarged. How about checking the Creation Research Society in the U.S. or
    the Creation Science Movement in the UK, or Kent Hovind's Creation Science
    Evangelism organization and the like?

    Howard Van Till

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