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Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 07:23:23 EDT

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    I believe it was Descartes that said there are no wrong answers, just
    incorrect points of view.

    Following up on Jesus not saying anything that was not in parables and Jesus
    being the Word and the Bible being the Word and in the Beginning was the
    Word combining the John reference and the Genesis reference:

    What if we look at the Bible as a great literary work with a strong message.
    Then , the 'inconsistencies' are there to get our attention and show us

    Samson and Delilah: The whole story is very realistically believable except
    for the hair. Points:
    1. God told him not to cut his hair.
    2. When he obeyed God in this seemingly trivial thing, he was indefeatable.
    3. He became a total fool for a woman - he was strong and intelligent and
    spiritual - but the lust thing got him.
    4. God still brought a minor miracle out of a situation that could have been
    much better.

    Now, let's look at Genesis:

    1. The sun thing gets me. God made light and three days later he made the

    sun for our light. We need God.

    2. The firmament thing.

    vs. 1 "God moved upon the face of the waters"
    Jesus said that the water he gave us to drink is living water. Water as life
    or as spiritual life is a common theme.
    Water is life. God separated the life above, from the life below. He
    separated His living realm from our living realm by a firmament. The name
    'Heaven' accentuates this.

    The sun and moon are light only for this realm of life - they do not pertain
    to the other, which is beyond the firmament. The firmament may encompass the
    whole universe or even more. His light, and the darkness from which he is
    separate, encompass all of it - therefore they are stated first. The other
    life, the waters above, are beyond our realm, beyond our sun, basking in his
    light. There darkness and light are separated.

    I've never heard this idea before, but in all time, I figure it isn't
    original. Opinions?

    Debbie Mann, PE
    Debbie Mann Consulting

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