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Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 06:32:04 EDT

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    On Tue, 17 Jun 2003 05:20:01 -0400, asa-digest wrote:
    >Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 19:13:23 +0100
    >From: "Iain Strachan" <>
    >Subject: ASA Statement of faith - The Forgotten Verses
    > 1.. We accept the divine inspiration, trustworthiness and authority of the
    >Bible in matters of faith and conduct.
    >????? Wot? No God or Jesus ?????
    >Now, admittedly that isn't necessarily the same as "Biblical inerrancy" (or
    >it's debatable at least), but in the light of Howard's statement that
    >Priorities are interesting things, I find it astonishing that in the ASA,
    >Jesus Christ is NOT No. 1. I have been severely criticized on this list for
    >showing an interest in Vernon's numerics, but let me assure you, any
    >organization that does not put the Gospel of Salvation through Jesus Christ
    >as the No 1 priority is _really_ on shaky ground. To me, without Jesus
    >Christ, the rest of the bible makes no sense at all!

    Your'r right, Jesus is the centre of our faith. Yet in a sense, belief in
    the trustworthiness etc of the Scriptures must precede this, since it
    is through them, primarily, that Jesus is revealed. Without the foundation
    of the trustworthiness of the Scripture, what could we say about Christ?


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