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Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 17:47:16 EDT

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    > I had thought that there also were 2 "infallible" declarations regarding the
    > necessity of being subject to the Roman Pontiff as a necessity for
    > salivation.
    > (Boniface VII -- Unam Sanctam and Pius IV--- Qui pluribus). Is this an error?

    Infallibility is only on faith and morals (ex cathedra) and is not
    retroactive (before 1870).

    The ex cathedra statements regarding the Virgin Mary were explicitly made to
    affirm a belief and a tradition that had already existed within the Church and
    was celebrated all over the world. The Pope was not shooting from the hip but
    merely making what was traditional official.

    I am told that only a future pope may change a decision made "ex cathedra" by
    a former pope. I was told this by a sedevacantist (the chair is vacant).
    Sedevacantists are outraged by the liberal infiltration of the Catholic Church and
    say the "'chair of Peter is vacant" looking forward to the time a future pope
    declares ex cathedra that a past pope was in error, particularly over changes
    since Vatican II. They believe the current liberalization trends are being
    engineered and are abominations. Sedevacantists attend the Tridentine Mass (in
    Latin) and eschew the Novis Ordo Mass (ritual in vernacular and diluted since
    Vatican II).


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