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    I just sent a couple of vs. yesterday about what it claims to be. II Tim
    3:16 - all is inspired by God. I think the big question is what is
    'scripture' and who says so. Why don't we accept the Apocrypha or The Gospel
    of Thomas? I'm not asking for a history lesson - I've heard that. I'm asking
    about what those 'experts' used to decide and how valid it was.

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    Is there anywhere in the Bible where it claims it's own inerrancy? I know,
    example, that RC Pope has declared himself to be infallible wrt matters of
    and morals. But, I have never heard of any clear cut claim of inerrancy
    specifically made in the Bible. All that seems to be based upon inference


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    > > Has anyone advanced the notion that the Bible may be wrong in some
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    > Yes, that idea has occurred to many people. In major portions of the
    > Christian community, however, that would be considered heresy of the
    > order. For such folk, protecting the Bible from this form of critical
    > examination is given top priority. Recall a suggestion I have made here
    > before -- look at the 'statement of faith' portion of creationist or other
    > conservative Christian web sites and note how often the very first
    > is a declaration about biblical inerrancy, followed later in the list by
    > statements about God and Jesus. Priorities are interesting things.
    > Howard Van Till

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