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From: Robert Schneider (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 14:03:51 EDT

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    Walter writes:

    > Is there anywhere in the Bible where it claims it's own inerrancy? I know,
    > example, that RC Pope has declared himself to be infallible wrt matters of
    > and morals. But, I have never heard of any clear cut claim of inerrancy
    > specifically made in the Bible. All that seems to be based upon inference
    > "logic".

    On references to inerrancy in the Bible, see my response to Moorad's note.

    The declaration of papal infallibility, that is, that when speaking from the
    Chair of Peter on matters of faith and morals, the Pontiff, inspired by the
    Holy Spirit, speaks without error, was not declared by any pope, but rather
    by the First Vatican Council in 1870. I might add, though, that the Pope at
    the time, Pius IX, lobbied heavily for this declaration among the bishops in
    council, going, it is said, to rather great lengths with his largess to
    insure a majority vote. Since that time only two papal declarations falling
    under the infallibility rule have been issued, both regarding the Virgin
    Mary, and both enshrining as dogma matters of popular belief. They are
    belief in the Immaculate Conception and in the Assumption of the Virgin (the
    latter in 1950). Recent attempts by the conservative Cardinal Ratzinger,
    head of the Congregation for the Faith, to characterize certain
    pronouncements of Pope John Paul II, as falling within the domain of
    infallibilty, e.g., the prohibition against the ordination of women to the
    priesthood, have been ignored or dismissed by a large body of Catholic
    opinion, including theological, and are not likely to stand the test of

    Bob Schneider

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