Re: The forgotten verses

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 09:51:38 EDT

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    >From: Walter Hicks <>
    > Is there anywhere in the Bible where it claims it's own inerrancy? I know, for
    > example, that RC Pope has declared himself to be infallible wrt matters of
    > faith and morals. But, I have never heard of any clear cut claim of inerrancy
    > specifically made in the Bible. All that seems to be based upon inference and
    > "logic".

    Of what value is the assertion of any document regarding its own inerrancy?
    Unless a person first chooses to assume the document to be inerrant, the
    self-referential statement of inerrancy has no force whatsoever.

    Statements regarding the inerrancy of texts like the Bible, the Koran, the
    Book of Mormon, etc., are statements made by human decision, not by
    "evidence" in the usual sense of the term. Communities are perfectly free to
    do so, but should also, I suggest, be willing candidly to acknowledge the
    status of such a choice.

    Howard Van Till

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