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Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 00:13:15 EDT

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    On Sun, 15 Jun 2003 16:02:49 +0200 Peter Ruest <>
    > Dave,
    > Please be more careful of views you ascribe to others - about
    > "concordists" see the email I addressed to Don Winterstein, with CC
    > to
    > you. All the problems you mention - and many more - are discussed in
    > A.
    > Held & P. Rüst, "Genesis reconsidered", PSCF 51/4 (Dec. 1999),
    > 231-243;
    > Peter
    Sorry, Peter, but I read your paper and was totally unimpressed. I have
    noted that concordists have to revise the language of scripture to fit it
    into their program. YECs at least have an "explanation" for the waters
    above the firmament, though they neglect Psalm 148:4. Both you and they
    are in clear error because the sun, moon and stars, set in the firmament,
    have to be below the waters above it. Birds fly in front of the
    firmament, so it cannot be equated with the atmosphere, where we know
    that birds (excepting penguins and cormorants) fly. Concordism reflects a
    modern view of the universe, whereas Genesis 1 presumes an ancient view
    of the earth and its surroundings. The two views cannot be combined

    I have encountered a disproof of the Copernican system on a biblical
    basis. I have run across flat-earthers. I knew a woman who expressed her
    attitude toward intestinal parasites in "I don't believe in worms." Some
    people will believe almost anything, often presenting complex
    justifications. I, who once accepted concordism, have been forced by the
    evidence to conclude that this interpretation of scripture belongs with
    other irrational beliefs.

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