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Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 10:02:49 EDT

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    D. F. Siemens wrote to Vernon Jenkins:
    > Vernon,
    > George is too careful a student of both scripture and science to adopt a
    > concordist stance. Despite its popularity among OEC, it is about a messed
    > up as YEC. Genesis 1 is in no way a schedule or engineer's log of
    > creation events. Please be more careful of views you ascribe to others.
    > Dave

    Please be more careful of views you ascribe to others - about
    "concordists" see the email I addressed to Don Winterstein, with CC to
    you. All the problems you mention - and many more - are discussed in A.
    Held & P. Rüst, "Genesis reconsidered", PSCF 51/4 (Dec. 1999), 231-243;

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