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        Read my article in PSCF, "Does the Bible Teach a Spherical Earth?" ( and you will get the complete details. The Hebrew word correctly translated "circle" in Isa. 40:22a is "chugh" and it never means "sphere" or even implies it, as some YECs have claimed, but literally means "a circle drawn with a compass." In Isa. 42:5 the prophet speaks of Yahweh "flattening out" the land.

        Claims that the Bible teaches that the earth is a globe or is spherical are never warranted by the meaning of the Hebrew texts; they instead are cases of people reading into the text what they want to find instead of reading out of the text what is really there. As St. Augustine said of such persons, "They find not what is in the Bible but what is in themselves as interpreters."

        The purpose of the Holy Spirit in Scripture is to teach theology, not geology.

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      How is the circle of the earth in Isaiah referring to a flat earth?
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        Actually Moorad should draw a straight line. From Genesis 1 6-8, Exodus 20, 4 and Isaiah 40, 22 it is manifestly clear that any reasonable exegesis will take this to be a flat earth. Thus all who take the bible literally will believ e in a flat earth. If they dont they have no grounds for a 6 day creation

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          What is your scale? 1/10^9, certainly. 1/10^3, can you produce that slight a curvature?

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            Whenever I teach the notion of gravitation and how it affects objects with mass/energy, free falling or otherwise, I draw a straight line on the black (green) board to denote the surface of the earth. Should I start drawing that line curved?


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