Re: Iraq war and oil

Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 12:48:39 EDT

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    I had written:

    You've got to take Paul Wolfowitz with a grain of salt. He is one of the
    chief neoconservative war hawks, whose loyalty to the US is questioned by the
    paleocons who say his real motive and the motive of most of the neoconservatives
    is to use the USA to do Israel's bidding. The paleoconservatives are beginning
    to make an impact, but the Jewish media does not give them fair coverage. an
    indication of the neoconservative fear of the paleos is David Frum's
    disingenuous article in National Review OnLine titled, "Unpatriotic Conservatives."  


    Then it was posted that the Guardian made a retraction but that doesn't alter
    the observation I made above. Neoconservatives (mostly Jewish) in the
    administration pushed hard for war with Iraq and the paleos were against war with
    Iraq because they believed it was not in US interests.
    You can read Frum's demonization of paleoconservatives (Frum is Bush's "axis
    of evil" creator) on paleos at this link:

    Notice the reference to Kevin MacDonald in the Frum article. MacDonald is an
    evolutionary psychologist who has done an evolutionary analysis of Judaism in
    three volumes.

    The UK press has also sugested tony blair was influenced by well placed
    pro-Israelers in his government.


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