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Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 09:38:46 EDT

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    "... these days, Wolfowitz literally poured more oil into the fire. At a Asian security summit in Singapore, he declared last weekend that oil
    had been the main reason for the war against Iraq. 'The most important
    difference between North Korea and Iraq is that in Iraq we had no other
    choice, for commercial reasons. The country is floating on a sea of
    oil.' Wolfowitz's most recent disclosures followed shortly after a
    provocative interview with the magazine 'Vanity Fair'. There, he had
    said that, for reasons which have much to do with governmental
    bureaucracy, one had chosen the war motive which all could accept:
    weapons of mass destruction."

    Is this another case of badly distorted information by the media, which
    is all too rampant here in Switzerland (and Europe in general, I


    SPC: Yes, it is. See, for example, this link:,3604,972482,00.html

    I'm no fan of the Iraq invasion, being one of the (apparently) few Americans to have never been taken in by all the talk about Iraq being "an urgent matter of national security" or "a threat of unique urgency." There's already enough nonsense on record spoken by the Administration concerning Iraq that journalists simply don't need to take quotes out of context and put their own spin on them. I'm against this for the same reason I was against the Iraq invasion: we ought to seek truth, even if it favors people we don't like.


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