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From: George Murphy (
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 09:03:44 EDT

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    Peter Ruest wrote:
    > Hi, Glenn
    > some time ago, you expressed your strong conviction that oil was not and
    > could not be a major motive for the USA to wage the Iraq war - and I
    > gladly accepted this. So what should we think about the following?
    > Under the headline, "So then 'a war for oil' after all?", "Der Bund",
    > one of the leading daylies in Bern, Switzerland, wrote on 7th June (I
    > translate the end of the article):
    > "... these days, Wolfowitz literally poured more oil into the fire. At a
    > Asian security summit in Singapore, he declared last weekend that oil
    > had been the main reason for the war against Iraq. 'The most important
    > difference between North Korea and Iraq is that in Iraq we had no other
    > choice, for commercial reasons. The country is floating on a sea of
    > oil.' Wolfowitz's most recent disclosures followed shortly after a
    > provocative interview with the magazine 'Vanity Fair'. There, he had
    > said that, for reasons which have much to do with governmental
    > bureaucracy, one had chosen the war motive which all could accept:
    > weapons of mass destruction."
    > Is this another case of badly distorted information by the media, which
    > is all too rampant here in Switzerland (and Europe in general, I
    > suspect)?

            It would be naive to think that oil wasn't among the motives leading up to
    war - & that includes motives of nations that opposed the war.
            But certainly one - if not the - major difference between North Korea and Iraq
    is that North Korea has a great deal of artillery targetted on heavily populated
    civilian areas (Seoul &c) of South Korea, and a military strike on North Korean nuclear
    facilities would be be followed quickly by tens of thousands of South Korean civilian


    George L. Murphy

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