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From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 12:36:20 EDT

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    That would work if asa were the only one to whom I am mailing. Most of my
    mail goes elsewhere, I would have to manually remove asa, which is where I
    started. Maybe I should get a separate mailbox for asa mail.


    "Stein A. Stromme" wrote:

    > [Walter Hicks]
    > | In the case of my email, I can chose to select "reply" or "reply
    > | all". To use the former results in only the sender getting it and
    > | not asa. To use the latter results in both the sender and asa
    > | getting it -- so the sender gets it twice. To send it to asa and not
    > | the sender requires that I go to the distribution and delete the
    > | other names. I'm lazy and others must be also.
    > The list owner should probably configure the listserve software to
    > include a "Reply-To:" header in all outgoing messages.
    > This is the most natural behaviour for an e-mail list that functions
    > as a discussion forum.
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