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Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 12:23:01 EDT

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    >[Walter Hicks]
    >| In the case of my email, I can chose to select "reply" or "reply
    >| all". To use the former results in only the sender getting it and
    >| not asa. To use the latter results in both the sender and asa
    >| getting it -- so the sender gets it twice. To send it to asa and not
    >| the sender requires that I go to the distribution and delete the
    >| other names. I'm lazy and others must be also.
    >The list owner should probably configure the listserve software to
    >include a "Reply-To:" header in all outgoing messages.
    >This is the most natural behaviour for an e-mail list that functions
    >as a discussion forum.

    Stein and all,

    For what it's worth, the ASA list is deliberately set to reply to
    sender rather than reply to all. We want posters to consciously post
    to the list rather than unconsciously. This keeps personal messages
    only meant for the sender from being inadvertantly posted (and
    eliminates the occasional embarrassment produced--I have observed
    this on the ASA and other lists and seek to do all I can to preserve
    everyone's reputation).

    Also, we don't want this list to be chit-chatty. EVERYONE
    LISTENING!?! We discourage one-liner replies to messages. Reply to
    sender lets you reply to the sender with a one-line but you have to
    think just a bit more before sending to the whole group.

    I believe that Stein is correct that most lists are configured the
    way he suggests, but I know of many lists that do not for much the
    same reasons that I have given.


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