Re: Fw: Do...My "attack" on Don, last one

From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 14:12:02 EDT

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    Sondra Brasile wrote:

    > Debbie,
    > Yeah I guess.
    > Since sometimes I get two copies of everything and sometimes I get one, (BTW
    > I think is really unecessary to send two, I can't understand why the people
    > in this list cannot simply post it to the list since we all get a copy of
    > it). I see no purpose for sending one directly and then another throught the
    > list

    In the case of my email, I can chose to select "reply" or "reply all". To use
    the former results in only the sender getting it and not asa. To use the latter
    results in both the sender and asa getting it -- so the sender gets it twice. To
    send it to asa and not the sender requires that I go to the distribution and
    delete the other names. I'm lazy and others must be also.

    This time I did it. Do I get a kiss? (A Christian one of course)


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