Re: The forgotten verses

Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 12:56:33 EDT

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    Walter Hicks wrote:

    > If valid, then it is something that we Christians should support ------- if
    > he can demonstrate it to non believers. The real problem here is that he
    > speaks to believers who do not need such proof.

    I became a Christian in my early 20s. I was a musician at the
    time and had no interest whatsoever in science. Looking back
    on those times, numerology would have been one of the last
    things that could have turned me to profess faith in Christ. My
    general impression of Christians and Christianity was pretty low,
    and I generally avoided them, if I wasn't making fun of them. A
    good deal of the fuel of that was the YEC stuff but the numerology
    always sounded a bit fanatical and suspicious even to my (at that
    time) unscientifically educated mind, so seriously doubt that I would
    ever have bought any numerology arguments.

    I am probably more tolerant of numerology claims as a Christian than
    I was as an infidel. I really don't think it has much at all to do with
    scientific training either, although my scientific training has tended to
    reinforce some of the doubts and suspicions I have about it.

    When I knew I was saved, it took a lot of courage just to walk though
    those doors. I knew that I had to confess my faith, but fortunately I
    soon discovered that I didn't necessarily have to confess YEC along
    with it. Unfortunately, there have been a few encounters. Because
    I know who I belong to, I have to go on with the Christianity, and I do
    recognize that YEC folk are good people, but it still troubles me when
    numerology arguments are used to support scripture authority and even
    more so when it is further pushed to support YEC.

    Perhaps there are some people who would come to Christ due to
    numerology, but I cannot think it is very many. Moreover, the
    proportion of people that it drives away, as it did me (as a musician
    to boot), are probably more than are gained, I suspect.

    by Grace alone we proceed,

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