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Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 10:00:39 EDT

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    I had to laugh about doctors driving taxi's, I didn't know that. Next time
    my hubby needs a doctor I think I'll hail a taxi; the last time he went in
    with a week-long headache along one side of his jaw and head, we initially
    thought it must be an ear infection. He had just come from the dentist so we
    didn't even consider a dental problem. The doctor insisted regardless of our
    disagreement that he "grinds his teeth and he has TMJ disorder" and she
    wrote him a prescription for ANTI-ANXIETY drugs, we ignored her and tried
    two more doctors, the third, an oral surgeon, finally took an x-ray of his
    head and found that he needed a root canal. It took a dentist, two M.D.'s
    and an oral surgeon to find out he had a TOOTHACHE, plus he was almost put
    on anti-anxiety drugs. Good thing we don't have an HMO.


    >From: Jan de Koning <>
    >Subject: Re: Contraception
    >Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 16:28:32 -0400
    >At 12:16 PM 03/06/2003 -0400, wrote:
    >>In a message dated 6/3/03 11:08:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
    >> writes:
    >>>No matter how you want to reason, most maybe all, Christians use some
    >>>method of "contraception". I am the oldest of 13 children, but how many
    >>>Christian families with 13 children do you see? Obviously most
    >>>Christians live in sin, or interpret the Bible differently now.
    >>>Jan de Koning
    >>Most orthodox jews do not use some method of contraception and still have
    >>those large families. You should be proud of yours. After all, you haven't
    >>contributed to a population explosion. Immigration has been massively
    >>increased to fill the job vacancies in the US. It's not like there are too
    >>many of us.
    >I live in a Jewish neighbourhood, and to my knowledge none of them, not
    >even the orthodox ones has thirteen children or even ten, though our most
    >orthodox neighbour has as many as we have, maybe less: six. However, it
    >does not touch upon what I was trying to say. There are circumstances. My
    >grandfather was the fourth Jan de Koning in his family, the other three
    >died early in life.
    >As far as "job vacancies are concerned in the USA, thousands of people
    >willing to go to the USA, but US or Canadian policies do not allow them
    >in, as some of my relatives found out. My advice: advertize in Europe or
    >in third world countries, or train the homeless and poor in the USA to fill
    >these places.
    >Again, the fact of contraception policies cannot be viewed on itself, but
    >must be seen as part of the larger policies of a country. Try to read what
    >you said from the point of view of an unemployed person in a third world
    >country, who would gladly move to the USA or Canada, instead of working for
    >minimum wages in their own country. Some of our policies are hypocritical.
    > Medical doctors are in short supply it is said here, iowever, we have
    >doctors with medical doctorates from other countries who are driving taxis,
    >because their qualifications are not accepted here. A comparative short
    >examination, followed maybe by a short course might make some of them
    >qualified, or in some cases welcome assistants in certain places.
    >Jan de Koning

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